“To honour Sarah’s legacy of courage and bravery in fighting this devastating illness. To continue Sarah and Jennifer’s great charity work.”

The Sarah Jennifer Knott Foundation was established following Sarah’s death from Cancer of Unknown Primary. In honour of Sarah’s immense bravery, her family and friends set up the SJK Foundation in an effort to promote awareness, education and research into Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) to help make the unknown known.  Also the SJK Foundation hopes to honour and continue Sarah’s mother Jenny’s charity work, whom also lost her life to cancer at a very young age.

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Our Mission - Sarah Jennifer Knott Foundation

Our Mission

The mission of the Sarah Jennifer Knott Foundation

  • To promote awareness, education and research of Cancer Of Unknown Primary (CUP).
  • To provide support and advocacy for patients and families going through the uncertain diagnosis of CUP.
  • To promote improved diagnosis and treatment of CUP
Our Vision - Sarah Jennifer Knott Foundation

The Vision

  • To become an important source of support and information for patients, families and Healthcare Practitioners.
  • To work alongside major Cancer Charities, e.g. Irish Cancer Society, Cancer of Unknown Primary Foundation- Jo’s Friends, in promoting CUP awareness
  • To collaborate with the National Cancer Control Programme, to influence health policy for better diagnosis and treatment for CUP

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About CPU - Sarah Jennifer Knott Foundation

About C.U.P

Cancer of unknown primary (CUP) is when a secondary cancer is diagnosed, but doctors can’t tell where the primary cancer started. The secondary cancer is named according to the primary cancer.

For example, a cancer that starts in the lungs and spreads to the liver is still a lung cancer. The secondary cancer in the liver is made up of lung cancer cells and not liver cells.

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Irish Mirror - SJK Foundation

Irish Mirror

“Dedicated pals will run the Colour Dash next weekend, in honour of their friend who led them through the event in 2014 – just months before she tragically died last year. Sarah Knott was just 31 when she passed away from unknown primary cancer last year. Now her sisters and friends are going to honour her memory next weekend and raise funds for The Irish Cancer Society”.

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