SJK Foundation - Tributes

“Dedicated to the bravest person I have ever met, Sarah Jennifer Knott. This candle is named EAU SO GRATEFUL in memory of a beautiful friend, who through her long battle with her terrible illness stayed grateful for everything, always. (…) Sarah made me follow my dreams, to create this collection. Her illness woke me up to how short life really is and for that, I am forever grateful.

This fragrance is by far and a way, my favorite. Sarah loved the sea and these fragrances remind me of fresh summer air and sea breeze. I have used lots and lots of neroli as it so, so, gorgeous, and added sea salt for a slightly salty twist.” €1.00 of every sale of EAU SO GRATEFUL will be donated to the Sarah Jennifer Knott Foundation.

This candle is available online on EAU LOVELY by RACHEL MCCANN. EAU LOVELY (

SJK Foundation - Tributes

Bestselling Author Caroline Grace Cassidy dedicates her book to Sarah, quoting one of Sarah’s favourite quotes,

‘Give up, Give in or Give it all you’ve got’.